Critical Path Methodology Scheduling Software: Why Construction Project Managers Need It

CPM Software is Simple and Effective

Critical Path Methodology (CPM) is a popular technique most often used in the construction industry. The critical path method is used to visualize and determine a project’s duration. Its effectiveness lies in its simplicity: CPM analyzes, plans, and schedules out complex projects.

Most construction projects involve numerous moving pieces with overlapping and interconnected dependencies. All of this has the potential to cause friction in a project schedule. CPM scheduling software can untangle the knots, reduce friction, and improve efficiency in achieving project success while delivering them on time, and on budget. A good CPM scheduling software should also include all work specified in the contract documents, including all expected activities of subcontractors, vendors, suppliers, and other parties associated with the construction project.

Catalyst provides 3 different CPM Scheduling Software options for our clients: Oracle Primavera Cloud, Oracle Primavera P6, and Elecosoft Powerproject. Each product offers a robust solution when construction specifications require a project schedule.

CPM Benefits Construction Project Managers

Critical Path Method scheduling software, such as Oracle Primavera P6, Oracle Primavera Cloud and Elecosoft Powerproject, deliver three key benefits to construction project managers:

  1. The critical path method helps project managers determine the most important tasks that will need to be closely managed. Knowing which tasks are on the critical path helps PMs prioritize their time and resources instead of taking on more than they expect or have capacity for—causing the entire project to suffer.
  2. CPM software helps project managers mitigate delays and accelerate delivery times. By analyzing their critical path scheduling, construction PMs will have a clear picture of which task durations can be reduced, which ones can be modified, and which ones must stay within the timeframe.
  3. The critical path method enables project managers to easily track project success by comparing planned progress to actual progress. By having the ability to track which tasks and activities have been completed, predict the remaining amount of time, and avoid future hiccups, construction PMs are left with an up-to-date schedule and a clear overview of planned versus actual progress in real time.

Catalyst CPM Software Keeps Construction Projects On-Time and On-Budget

Missed schedules cost the U.S. construction industry $165 Billion. That’s not a number you want to be a part of. Catalyst’s CPM Scheduling and Construction Consulting services ensure you are not. Utilizing one of our CPM programs helps calculate the length of construction projects and keeps them on-time and within budget, aiding in profitability.

Catalyst offers two critical path scheduling software products from Oracle: Primavera Cloud and Primavera P6. P6 is the flagship product for globally prioritizing, planning, managing, and executing projects, programs and portfolios. It is deployed On-Premise, requiring a dedicated database/application server environment and is available in two forms: P6 Professional (PPM) or P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM).

Oracle Primavera Cloud is a subscription-based solution for all stages of the project lifecycle that lives 100% on the Cloud. It has the look and feel of the more traditional Primavera P6 PPM and EPPM, but in a modern environment. Primavera Cloud eliminates the need for server space and labor to maintain a hardware environment.

While Primavera has been the standard CPM tool for many years, Elecosoft Powerproject has proven to be a robust software with a focus on the construction industry, where activities and milestones can be linked together.

When you choose Catalyst  as your Oracle Primavera Cloud, Oracle Primavera P6, or Elecosoft Powerproject distributor, you get more than robust software—you get a trusted partner who is relentlessly dedicated to seeing your construction projects succeed. We provide seasoned consultants to assess what our clients already have, help them implement the CPM software, train employees to use it, and oversee the rollout process. Our goal is to change the culture within the company to get everyone on board with using the software for project management.

Catalyst  has been in business for over 27 years. We operate with the highest integrity and strive to be ethically responsible. Our unique value is in our industry expertise and knowledge of the tools. To learn more about our CPM Scheduling Software—Oracle Primavera Cloud, Oracle Primavera  P6, Elecosoft PowerProject—and our software training and product support, contact our team today.

Catalyst keeps your construction project on-time and on-budget, without sacrificing quality.

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