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Whether you want to trade spreadsheets for apps, establish mobile/remote capabilities, get started with a Cloud platform, mobile device management, or more, we will help you develop and execute a technology roadmap with a path to success.

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Why Do Construction Companies Partner With Catalyst?

Construction companies looking to assess, enhance or implement new project scheduling technologies are partnering with Catalyst.

Whether large or small, companies face many new, unique technology challenges to keep pace with tomorrow's new requirements. For 27 years, our consultants have tackled and solved problems that cost both time and money.


You want to know exactly where your projects stand, and asses quickly what proactive measures you can take to ensure they come in to meet time-to-market requirements.

Data Migration

You want a system through which you can standardize and codify business processes and project best practices. You want all project stakeholders to utilize a common tool, and a common language to communicate, collaborate, and execute.

Scheduling Process Adoption

Staff adoption of new methods and software requires change within an organization. Catalyst’s focus on change management will encourage a smooth adoption process and insure successful implementations.

Cloud Services

We understand what “Cloud” means and will assist you in your transition from an on-premise solution to a cloud hosted solution which eliminates data silos and frees up valuable company resources to achieve technology goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Critical Path Methodology is a popular technique used in the Construction Industry. Understanding CPM and CPM Software will help your project managers gain new skills and move their career forward. Overall, the benefits of using the critical path method is to be able to visualize and determine a project’s duration, its dependencies, and project risks. In its simplicity, CPM automates, analyzes, plans, and schedules out complex projects.

CPM Software has become a standard part of project management at most construction companies. Project managers can use CPM software to estimate the time and resources required to execute a project. Using the Critical path methodology prevents scheduling issues and coordinates timely job performance by informing project managers of what needs to be done when they have good data. To avoid delays, CPM Scheduling enables for clear and transparent control of a project’s important activities. Construction companies save time and money by using CPM software in the management of project deadlines.

Running construction projects requires the coordination of many different organizations such as architectural firms, engineering firms and subcontractors. Project scheduling software gives construction companies the visibility and control points for the entire project team, allowing for rapid deployment and quick ROI.