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Construction Scheduling Software for Power Generation Companies

Power Generation Companies have large, complicated construction projects with complicated dependencies. CPM Project Management software gives you the insights you need so projects are on-time and on budget.

Why Do Subcontractors Partner With Catalyst?

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Power Generation companies looking to assess, enhance or implement new schedule technologies are partnering with Catalyst.

Power Generation companies face many new, unique technology challenges to keep pace with tomorrow’s new requirements. For 27 years, our consultants have tackled and solved problems that cost both time and money.


For companies to experience a successful implementation, a thorough understanding of both “what got us here” and “where we want to go” is critical. Catalyst’s in-depth assessments insure mistakes of the past are not repeated.

Data Migration

If your company has existing data that needs to be migrated from old to new, it is not enough to just transfer the data. Catalyst works with key staff to insure project data is both error free and configured to function as expected.

Scheduling Process Adoption

Staff adoption of new methods and software requires change within an organization. Catalyst’s focus on change management will encourage a smooth adoption process and insure successful implementations.

Cloud Services

We understand what “Cloud” means and will assist you in your transition from an on-premise solution to a cloud hosted solution which eliminates data silos and frees up valuable company resources to achieve technology goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Catalyst provide schedulers for my projects?

Catalyst can provide help with project schedulers. Please contact us to discuss your staffing needs and how we can help.