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Catalyst enables owners to make real-time informed business decisions, optimize resources, retain expertise, standardize best practices and manage project risks across an organization resulting in reduced time to completion, consistent and increased project profitability, improved client services, and higher project success rates on an ongoing basis.

Need to meet time-to-market requirements

You want to know exactly where your projects stand, and asses quickly proactive measures you can take to ensure they come in to meet time-to-market requirements.

Prevent and cover ourselves against claims

You need a system which specific processes and workflows across project stakeholders are consistently reinforced, accountability is maintained, and collaboration is enhanced in order to reduce the potential for claims.

Need to avoid surprises and additional funding

You want to avoid looking for additional funding in the late stages of a project. You want to be able to easily maintain visibility into all project activity from a high level with quick drill down to get the relevant details.

Need for enhanced coordination and progress payments assurance

You want to easily gain visibility into the project teams performance at the project level, as well as track contractor performance across time and projects to optimize your supply chain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An Integrated Project Management Solution (ICMS) is a complete web project management solution for the AEC industry, bringing together the core elements of collaborative scheduling, dynamic resource management, real-time cost management, proactive change/contract management and the full process of construction management and document management. ICMS solutions offer user-defined dashboards and business-wide reporting, giving you a complete solution to standardize your best practices and project execution.

Catalyst USA offers expert level training and consulting so you will be fully able to use the software and run your projects with it. 

Engineering and construction projects are plagued by systemic coordination and communication hurdles. Owners are challenged with aligning and incentivizing multiple organizations towards specific milestones, goals, and objectives. In addition, owners
know their data interests go far beyond project selection and management. Owners’
developed assets must be cared for and maintained long after their project delivery partners have progressed to the next job.

A lack of standard and centralized project and portfolio management impairs optimization, yields inconsistent planning and scheduling processes, limits collaboration, impedes progress tracking, and weakens risk management. Moreover, the inability to synchronize schedule data and processes restricts efforts to unlocking predictive intelligence – when and where it is needed – to improve decision-making. These factors all increase the likelihood of unpredictable outcomes, unwanted risk exposures, and operational deficiencies that uniquely impact how owners plan, build, and operate their assets.

Oracle Primavera Cloud Service is a fully integrated strategic planning, scheduling, and
risk management solution designed to support the entire project portfolio – from ideation through operations and maintenance.