Oracle Primavera Cloud

Welcome to the future of project management – Oracle Primavera Cloud. As a powerful, intuitive, and robust solution, Oracle is redefining the world of project management, delivering unmatched efficiency, visibility, and control over your projects. Designed for modern teams, it embraces the flexibility of the cloud while offering comprehensive project, cost, and risk management tools, all in one integrated platform. 

Whether you’re navigating complex construction schedules, planning large-scale IT deployments, or driving innovative product development, Oracle Primavera Cloud is your partner in success. Let it empower your team with real-time collaboration, data-driven decision making, and agile responsiveness to change. Embrace the OPC today and turn your project goals into reality, one successful project at a time.

One Subscription, Multiple Solutions

Oracle Primavera Cloud Suite

Portfolio Management

Oracle Primavera Cloud Service is a central repository for all projects. It actively categorizes, scores, selects, and manages projects to meet objectives. It simplifies project funding and management using scoring worksheets and investor maps. You can quickly create and share scenarios for various adjustments. Portfolio dashboards and trending analysis measure performance at any level.


Planning and Scheduling

Planning, scheduling, and resource management are vital to project delivery. A well-developed schedule coordinates office and field teams. It provides synchronized execution plans. Maintaining the link between the CPM schedule and field task detail is easy. Digitized planning and execution boards help focus teams. They unify efforts around milestones and deliverables in a single solution.



Resource Management

Oracle Primavera Cloud Service allows easy management of labor, equipment, and material resources. It works across all projects, programs, and portfolios. The solution offers a centralized resource and roles pool. It simplifies planning and optimizes resource scarcities using worksheets, histograms, or profiles.


Task Management

Maintaining a link between the CPM schedule and field task detail is easy. Use digital boards for planning and execution. They unite teams around milestones and deliverables. This creates productivity in a single solution.



Graphic highlighting the latest features and updates in Oracle Primavera's newest release.

IOS and Android Apps

Experience project management on-the-go with the Oracle Primavera Cloud mobile apps for iOS and Android. These intuitive apps bring the power of OPC to your fingertips, providing real-time access to your projects anytime, anywhere. Easily update project status, view schedules, manage resources, and track progress directly from your mobile device. Whether you’re in the field or away from your desk, you can stay connected and maintain seamless workflow continuity. With secure data synchronization, you can ensure your team always has the latest project information. The OPC mobile apps offer a flexible, efficient, and collaborative approach to project management, helping drive your project success.


A screenshot of Oracle Primavera Cloud mobile application showcasing project management tools and features

Replacement for P6

Oracle Primavera Cloud Suite

OPC is the next-generation project management solution from Oracle, designed to replace and enhance the features provided by Primavera P6 EPPM. With a cloud-based infrastructure, OPC provides advanced capabilities and expanded integration options for managing projects, programs, and portfolios. It delivers an integrated set of tools for managing tasks, resources, costs, and risks, while also providing real-time collaboration, data analytics, and reporting features. The move to the cloud also simplifies the technical infrastructure, reducing the need for internal IT support. This transition offers users improved usability, enhanced security, and the ability to access project data anytime, anywhere, making it a comprehensive upgrade from P6 EPPM.