What is the cost of missing your project's key milestone dates?

Take control of project schedules, minimize risk, and protect profits with solutions provided by Catalyst.

Project Planning and Scheduling Solutions

Projects have many components that must come together, all while taking into consideration a multitude of variables including change
orders, design challenges, and unforeseen conditions, to produce deliverables on time and within budget. Add to this the need for effective dissemination of project data between owners, designers, engineers, and multiple resource disciplines, and clear, competent management of these project elements becomes essential to successful project delivery.

The challenge of breaking work down into a manageable structure can get complicated quickly and become an obstacle that delays projects. What you need is a committed ally to provide clarity and reduce the complexity. That ally is Catalyst.  At Catalyst, we use Oracle Primavera CloudOracle Primavera P6 EPPM and Elecosoft Powerproject to customize Project Management solutions that change the culture within companies by minimizing delays, lowering risk and increasing profitability.


For over 25 years we have helped our clients simplify the complex with solid project planning, scheduling, and instructional expertise using innovative software solutions.


Primavera is installed, but where do we go from here? Catalyst can assess your current situation and provide solutions that both increase the knowledgebase and establish a foundation of continuity from which to grow from.


The project schedule has been submitted to the owner but was rejected. Time is literally money in this situation and Catalyst has consultants that can get the project schedule approved, the first time. Whether on-site or virtual, we have a solution that will work for you.


Projects consistently go over budget and run late. The project team has no insight into whether they are meeting quality metrics on the project. Software knowledge is great but that is the easy part. Catalyst has experienced instructors who both know the software and have worn the same hard hats as you.

Project Management Scheduling in the Future Looks Like Us

Projects Meet Timelines

Schedules Built to Specifications

Timely Updates

Scope, Time and Budget are essential to project success.  An impact on time means additional costs are being incurred.  Catalyst can help you get projects back on schedule.

There is nothing more frustrating than submitting your project schedule, only to have it sent back with a lot of red ink.  Get ahead and know that what you are submitting meets the owner’s requirements.

Weekly updates are important to project success.  Without them, how do we know what work has been completed?  How do you identify problem areas?  We have professional schedulers that can leverage your current staff.

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