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Implementation, Training and Support for Project Scheduling Platforms


Large corporations who need an enterprise (multi-project reporting) level tool should look to Primavera.


Powerproject combines the best of Primavera and MS Project into one easy to use tool. No databases to worry about along with shared licensing makes getting started very simple.


It works in a pinch but does not play by the same rules as competitors. There are no late dates and only one person can work in a schedule at a time.


When you have a problem or have decided a modernized software platform is needed, Catalyst can help.  Our staff is trained in everything from installing a server for Primavera to end-user support for Powerproject.  


Want to learn more about Oracle Primavera or Elecosoft Powerproject?   Our trainers each have over 10 years of real world experience and we do not believe in teaching a class by “page turning”.  Rather we are immersive with our students and offer a feature rich environment in which you will leave with both the needed education and a resource of knowledgeable  experts that can function as part of your team.


As our companies grow, our software and the knowledge required to be successful grow as well.  We at Catalyst know that getting a new environment up and running is easy, but adoption is a complex process.  Through our implementation services, we can help you build both a working solution for your needs and mentor the staff required to complete a successful adoption. 

What’s new at Catalyst

Over time, our team learns new and innovative ways to get work done and we want to pass that on to you.  Where an oppotunity exists to provide tips, tricks oreven an opinion, you will find it here. 

Working with SDEF and P6 Professional

Overview In 1986, the US Army Corps of Engineers recognized the need for a Standard Data Exchange Format (SDEF) to facilitate the exchange of data among contractors using various project[…]

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Oracle Primavera – Key Resource Loading Fields

Resource Loading in Primavera utilizes both Cost and Units Columns.  Knowing which fields are important is half the battle.  This page discusses some of the key fields / considerations to[…]

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Three Advantages in Making the Switch to Elecosoft Powerproject

As the market leader for construction management software, Oracle Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project are solutions that work for their given needs.  Between Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project, Elecosoft Powerproject[…]

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