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Catalyst can help you create processes, gain project insight and streamline your business to ultimately make you more profitable.  

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Our employees have real-world experience and it is our goal to pass those experiences along to you. While all companies want to be profitable, we do that, not by “nickels and dimes” but by building a strong network of skills and knowledge. Where collaboration and knowledge become equitable and beneficial to all.


Whether you need a pre-bid schedule to guide the project, or a detailed construction schedule that can manage day-to-day activities, Catalyst has been providing CPM schedules since 1994. A well-organized and managed schedule establishes the “ground rules” necessary to ensure successful project completion.


Training is a necessity, but so is saving time and money. That’s what Catalyst’s state-of-the-art virtual training will do for your students anywhere in the world can attend our in-person training classes, taught by a live instructor, using cutting-edge conferencing tools.


Catalyst is here to help. From setting up your Primavera Cloud environment to troubleshooting a single installation of your software. You can call, email or chat with us and we will resolve your problem. Many times, at no charge!

Our Products

Catalyst is proud to offer Oracle Primavera and Elecosoft Powerproject. Both products offer a robust solution when specifications require a project schedule. While Primavera has been the standard CPM tool for may years, Powerproject has proven to be a robust software with a focus on the construction industry.

Oracle Primavera Cloud

The Oracle Primavera Cloud Service is a project management planning, scheduling, resource and risk solution that synchronizes Owners and Delivery Teams around shared planning and scheduling information to reduce risk and increase the predictive performance of any engineering or construction project.

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Oracle Primavera EPPM

Manage projects of any size with Primavera P6 EPPM. Robust, and easy-to-use, Primavera P6 EPPM is the solution for globally prioritizing, planning, managing, and executing projects, programs, and portfolios. Primavera is available as a Web Application, Desktop Client or Mobile Application.

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Elecosoft Powerproject

Powerproject was designed to support the way construction planners work and has evolved over many years with input from our users to meet the requirements of the industry. Easy to use and feature rich, it is the software of choice for thousands of construction professionals throughout the world.

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What’s new at Catalyst

Over time, our team learns new and innovative ways to get work done and we want to pass that on to you.  Where an oppotunity exists to provide tips, tricks oreven an opinion, you will find it here. 

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