Who We Are

Over 27 Years of Planning & Scheduling Expertise

Since 1994, Project Planning and Scheduling have been our passion, as well as our business.

The Catalyst DNA

About Us

Since 1994, project management and scheduling software have been our passion, as well as our business. Catalyst is an Oracle Partner in both the License & Hardware and Cloud Sell Tracks.

In 2012, Catalyst, seeing a need for the construction industry, partnered with Elecosoft Powerproject and are proud to be the leading distributor of implementation, training and first-tier support for Powerproject. Our clients rely on our in-depth project management experience to deliver excellent results that are on time and on budget.

Our Capabilities

What We Do

Project consulting, public and private training programs, professional staffing, implementation and project management software sales and support are the focus. Our techniques and technology represent the most modern and thoroughly proven solutions available and we are proud to have built a strong reputation as a trusted partner with our customers.

We have successfully served thousands of clients and hundreds of projects. We offer information, analysis, and recommendations on best practices that improve our client’s project management capability and their bottom line. As a certified trainer of both Primavera and Powerproject, Catalyst provides our clients with an unmatched training environment.

The Catalyst Team

That's Why We Exist.

Catalyst’s primary resources are its exceptional talented project consultants and decades of experience designing, implementing and training project management processes and technology.

Both private and public organizations rely on our industry expertise, project controls experience and on our market-proven technology solution model.

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Erin Batrich

Instructor & Support

The Best Place To Do Your Best Work

If you want to make an impact by doing work that really matters while learning from other scheduling professionals, Catalyst has a lot to offer.

We’re different. We combine the best of solution delivery and resource collaboration to provide flexibility to both our client partners and our consultant workforce. We focus on identifying the best talent in the marketplace and developing and sustaining long-term relationships with consultants. We’re committed to understanding you, your strengths and your aspirations. What’s more, because we are rapidly growing, you have the opportunity to make an impact on our consulting culture and approach.

The first step is to meet you and assess the opportunity to work together. Though we might not have a project that’s right for you the day we meet, if the relationship is mutually beneficial, we’ll stay in touch. The goal is to help you build a career that will excite your passion, compensate you competitively, and enrich your life.

Reasons to Meet with Us

Interesting Projects

Our projects are business critical, requiring smart thinking and leveraging modern scheduling technology. What’s more, each success opens doors for other engagements.

We Listen

We want to understand who you are, what you’ve done, and where you want to go. This allows us to line up ideal matches between people and opportunities.

Insight, Broad & Deep

We’re experts about construction planning and scheduling, but also about teams, cultures, processes and opportunities. We understand the types of people each project needs — and the best opportunities for you to succeed.

We’re Here for You

We make sure you’re positioned for success, checking in with you throughout each project. Great compensation. We appreciate your value and provide competitive compensation packages that include benefits.

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