Over 27 Years of Planning & Scheduling Expertise

Empowering Success Through Tailored Project Management Solutions

Since 1994, we’ve been devoted to empowering engineering success through tailored project management solutions. Catalyst stands as a leading authority in project scheduling, deeply committed to transforming the operational landscape of both the construction and engineering industries. Specializing in Oracle Primavera and Elecosoft Powerproject, our offerings extend beyond cutting-edge tools to include comprehensive training and unwavering support. With a focus on precision, resource optimization, and risk management, Catalyst engages in close partnerships with clients to turn challenges into opportunities. Our primary goal is to ensure that each project aligns seamlessly with overarching business objectives while setting new industry benchmarks.

The Catalyst DNA

Empowering Success Through Tailored Project Management Solutions

At Catalyst, we begin with a foundation deeply rooted in precision, innovation, and unmatched expertise in project scheduling. Focusing intently on the construction industry, we grasp the intricate balance of timelines, resources, and milestones. Moreover, our strong alliances with Oracle Primavera and Elecosoft Powerproject clearly showcase our unwavering commitment to excellence. Beyond merely offering solutions, we actively train and stand by our clients, ensuring they harness these tools’ maximum potential. Ultimately, at Catalyst, we strive not only to build formidable structures but also to forge enduring relationships and craft projects that endure through the ages.

Our Capabilities

Empowering Success Through Tailored Project Management Solutions

Project consulting, public and private training programs, professional staffing, implementation and project management software sales and support are the focus. Our techniques and technology represent the most modern and thoroughly proven solutions available and we are proud to have built a strong reputation as a trusted partner with our customers.

We have successfully served thousands of clients and hundreds of projects. We offer information, analysis, and recommendations on best practices that improve our client’s project management capability and their bottom line. As a certified trainer of both Primavera and Powerproject, Catalyst provides our clients with an unmatched training environment.

  • Precision in Scheduling

    Through our advanced scheduling solutions, companies can expect their projects to stay on track, mitigating delays, optimizing resources, and ensuring timely completion.

  • Customized Training

    We don't just offer tools; we ensure your team knows how to use them. Our tailored training sessions help companies unlock the full potential of their scheduling software, ensuring they're leveraging every feature to its maximum.

  • Product Support

    Our commitment doesn't end with a sale. We provide ongoing support, ensuring that any challenges faced in the project lifecycle are addressed promptly, ensuring minimal disruptions.

  • Industry Best Practice

    Easily customize every aspect of your list from widget styles but also you can give custom colors to each item as well.

  • Resource Allocation

    Efficient scheduling goes hand-in-hand with resource management. With Catalyst's solutions, companies can ensure that their workforce, machinery, and materials are utilized optimally, leading to cost savings and increased efficiency.

  • Risk Management

    Through predictive analytics and advanced scheduling tools, potential risks can be identified early, allowing companies to strategize and navigate through challenges before they escalate.

  • Seamless Integration

    Our expertise with Oracle Primavera and Elecosoft Powerproject ensures that these tools can be seamlessly integrated into a company's existing ecosystem, allowing for smoother transitions and enhanced collaboration.

  • Project Scheduling

    Catalyst's project scheduling services seamlessly combine expert insights with hands-on collaboration, ensuring every milestone aligns with business goals for streamlined operations and project success.

The Catalyst Team

Empowering Success Through Tailored Project Management Solutions

Top-down view of an office desk with hands meticulously arranging paperwork, surrounded by office supplies and tech gadgets.

Catalyst’s primary resources are its exceptional talented project consultants and decades of experience designing, implementing and training project management processes and technology.

Both private and public organizations rely on our industry expertise, project controls experience and on our market-proven technology solution model.

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