3 Keys to a Successful and Profitable Construction Project

Successful and profitable construction projects involve many moving pieces. Hundreds of variables like change orders, design challenges, and unforeseen conditions can affect your project. And that’s without considering the interaction between business owners, designers, engineers, and the multitude of subcontractors needed to complete a project.  This article discusses 3 keys to a successful and profitable project.  

Diagram showcasing scheduling support features within both Primavera and Asta Powerproject, emphasizing user interface and interoperability

Complexity can escalate quickly, and any obscurity can slow down your construction project.

To secure business, general contractors need a track record of delivering projects on time, within budget, and to high quality standards. True project success also includes a seamless transition to the business owner, enabling efficient management of operations, maintenance, and renovation long after the contractors have left the job site.

Construction Project Success the Catalyst Way

At Catalyst, we believe the three keys are Scope, Time and Budget.  Catalyst offers three construction project management tools that help you achieve project success:

As a premier distributor of these products, Catalyst provides long-term value beyond the sale with training and software support.

Key 1 - Deliver Projects On-Time and On-Budget

Graphic representation of the PMI Triple Constraint, showcasing the interrelation of scope, time, and cost in project management.

During construction work, maintaining firm control of project management is critical. Often, the margins for time and money are slim, and crossing them can lead to harmful consequences.

To steer your project to success, you need to coordinate the activities of many different organizations tightly. This approach maintains control and visibility at all times. It allows you to limit your risk levels and minimize the impact of unexpected events that can quickly consume entire budgets and timelines, threatening project success.

Maintaining meticulous and clear financial records throughout the construction project lifecycle is key to understanding and managing cash flow, ensuring a healthy bottom line.

Adopting a unified software system, such as Oracle Primavera Cloud, Oracle Primavera P6, or Asta Powerproject, throughout the project lifecycle gives a single source of truth for all cost-related information (budget, actual cost, subcontracts, and changes). This practice ensures you always understand the financial health of the project, keeping you on time and within budget.

Key 2 - Guarantee High Quality Work–Every Time

Claiming on-time and on-budget status means nothing if you resort to cutting corners. Construction businesses must ensure the completion of high-quality construction projects each time they accept a job.

Continuous and clear communication with team members, subcontractors, business owners, and stakeholders throughout the construction project is vital to maintain project balance. It helps you stay on schedule and within budget without compromising quality.

Using scattered tools such as loose spreadsheets and emails can disperse project information. This reduces visibility and accountability across project teams, often leading to unnoticed issues until they become more complex and costly to fix.

Consolidating all project team communication onto a single platform prevents quality control from slipping through the cracks by enabling consistent, 360-degree information visibility.

Tools like Oracle Primavera Cloud, Oracle Primavera P6, and Elecosoft Powerproject let the entire project team operate within the same system, starting with design review. This approach eliminates the need for multiple, disconnected systems and promotes consistent information visibility across the entire extended team and project lifecycle.

Key 3 - Contractor and Owner Collaboration

Delivering a successful and profitable construction project involves ensuring a seamless transition from the construction company to the business owners.

Handing over a fragmented or confusing project package can hinder a business owner’s ability to effectively run operations, maintenance, and future renovation. This can jeopardize your construction business’ reputation and affect future bid competitiveness.

Recording diligently on a unified platform at every step of the project lifecycle stays on top of the details and enables efficient project wrap-up. It eliminates the need to search through disconnected systems to put together a successful hand-over package.

Oracle Primavera Cloud, Oracle Primavera P6, and Elecosoft PowerProject provide a single system of record containing the as-built plans and model, as well as all other supporting information. As the project progresses, it accumulates the hand-over package. This automated process eliminates the time needed to manually build the hand-over package from scratch when using multiple systems.

Why Choose Catalyst?

Catalyst USA enables you to establish processes, gain project insight, and streamline your business to guarantee successful and profitable construction project delivery to your customers.

Choosing us as your Oracle Primavera Cloud, Oracle Primavera P6, or Asta Powerproject distributor equips you with more than just robust software. You gain a trusted partner who dedicates relentlessly to your construction projects’ success.

Our team is an expert in these software systems. Unlike Oracle and Elecosoft who offer limited support post-purchase, Catalyst serves as a one-stop-shop for licensing, support, and training. We deliver support promptly and resolve nearly every issue.

Our seasoned consultants assess our clients’ existing systems, assist with software implementation, train employees for its use, and supervise the rollout process. We aim to change the company culture and encourage everyone to embrace this software for project management.

While most Oracle and Elecosoft system training follows a “turn the page” format, our trainers employ a more interactive, realistic approach. We leverage our industry knowledge and take time to understand our clients’ daily work routines.

With over 27 years of operation, Catalyst prides itself on its high integrity and ethical responsibility. Our unique value lies in our industry expertise and tool knowledge. To learn more about Oracle Primavera Cloud, Oracle Primavera P6, Elecosoft Powerproject, our software training, and product support, reach out to our team today.


Catalyst keeps your construction project On-Time and On-Budget, Without Sacrificing Quality

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