3 Keys to a Successful and Profitable Construction Project

Construction projects have a lot of moving pieces. There are hundreds of variables, change orders, design challenges, and unforeseen conditions that can impact your project – and we haven’t even mentioned what happens at the intersection of business owners, designers, engineers, and the small army of subcontractors it takes to complete a project.

It all gets complicated very quickly, and any level of obscurity becomes friction that slows down your construction project.

To win business, general contractors must have a track record of delivering construction projects on-time, on-budget, and to the highest quality. True project success is further measured by a seamless transition to the business owner, equipping them to efficiently manage operations, maintenance, and renovation long after the contractors leave the job site.

Construction Project Success the Catalyst Way
At Catalyst, we believe the three keys are on-time and on-budget, high quality, and a seamless hand-over at project completion. Catalyst USA offers three construction project management tools that help you achieve project success:

  • Oracle Primavera Cloud
  • Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM
  • Elecosoft PowerProject

As a premier distributor of these products, Catalyst USA provides long-term value beyond the sale with training and software support.

1. Deliver Projects On-Time and On-Budget

It is critical to keep two hands on the project management wheel during construction work where rails of time and money are often narrow, with detrimental consequences for crossing.

To drive that train successfully, you must tightly coordinate the activities of many different organizations, maintaining control and visibility at all times. This allows you to mitigate your risk levels and minimize the impact of unexpected events, which can quickly eat up entire budgets and timelines and crumble project success.

Keeping meticulous and clear financial records throughout the construction project lifecycle is imperative to the understanding and staying on top of cash flow and ensuring a healthy bottom line.

Using a unified software system, such as Oracle Primavera Cloud, Oracle Primavera P6, or Elecosoft PowerProject, during the entire lifecycle of the project allows for a single source of truth that can be referenced for all cost related information (budget, actual cost, subcontracts, and changes). This ensures that the financial health of the project is always understood, keeping you on-time and on-budget.

2. Guarantee High Quality Work–Every Time

It’s meaningless to claim on-time and on-budget if you cut corners to get there. Construction businesses should guarantee their prospects and customers the completion of high quality construction projects every time they’re hired for a job.

One of the most important ways to maintain project balance and stay on-schedule and on-budget without sacrificing quality is to continually and clearly communicate with your team members, subcontractors, business owners, and stakeholders throughout the entire construction project.

Using multiple, disconnected tools like loose spreadsheets and emails disperses project information—reducing visibility and accountability across project teams. This lack of transparency often leads to overlooking issues until much later in the project, when they are more complicated and expensive to remedy.

Consolidating the entire project team onto a single platform for communication eliminates the risk of quality control falling through the cracks by creating consistent, 360-degree information visibility.

With tools such as Oracle Primavera Cloud, Oracle Primavera P6, and Elecosoft PowerProject, the entire project team can use the same system—starting with design review. This eliminates the need to use multiple, disconnected systems and allows for consistent information visibility across the entire extended team and project lifecycle.

3. Ensure Seamless Transition at Project Completion

The final key to delivering a successful and profitable construction project is ensuring a seamless transition from the construction company to the business owners.

If a business owner is handed a fragmented or confusing project package, hindering their ability to effectively run operations, maintenance, and future renovation, they will be unlikely to provide you with a ringing endorsement, which can hurt your construction business’ reputation and impact future bid competitiveness.

Keeping diligent records on a unified platform through every step of the project lifecycle is the best way to stay on top of the details and allows you to wrap a project up efficiently, without having to go searching through disconnected systems to pull together a successful hand-over package.

With Oracle Primavera Cloud, Oracle Primavera P6, and Elecosoft PowerProject, you have one single system of record containing the as-built plans and model, as well as all other supporting information. This way, the hand-over package is accumulated as the project progresses. This automation eliminates the time required to manually build the hand-over package from scratch when multiple systems are in use.

Why Choose Catalyst USA

Catalyst USA helps you create processes, gain project insight, and streamline your business so that you can guarantee your customers delivery of a successful and profitable construction project.

When you choose us as your Oracle Primavera Cloud, Oracle Primavera P6, or Elecosoft PowerProject distributor, you get more than robust software—you get a trusted partner who is relentlessly dedicated to seeing your construction projects succeed.

We are experts in these software systems. While Oracle and Elecosoft do not provide very much support for their software once it’s in the customer’s hands, Catalyst is a one stop shop for licensing, support, and training. We provide support in a timely manner and we can resolve almost every issue.

We provide seasoned consultants to assess what our clients already have, help them implement the software, train employees to use it, and oversee the rollout process. Our goal is to change the culture within the company to get everyone on board with using this software for project management.

Most other training for the Oracle and Elecosoft systems will follow a “turn the page” type format. Our trainers use a more interactive, realistic method because we have the industry knowledge, and we take time to understand the way our clients work day-to-day.

Catalyst USA has been in business for over 27 years. We operate with the highest integrity, and strive to be ethically responsible. Our unique value is in our industry expertise and knowledge of the tools. To learn more about Oracle Primavera Cloud, Oracle Primavera P6, Elecosoft PowerProject, and our software training and product support, contact our team today.

Catalyst USA Keeps your Construction Project On-Time and On-Budget, Without Sacrificing Quality

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