Meet the Catalyst Team: Mike Brooks

You’ll just about never see Mike Brooks around the Catalyst office. That’s because he’s one of our road-warriors who will regularly embed with client teams on complex projects. Mike has been a Schedule Consultant at Catalyst since 1995. His assignments can last months at a time and get quite complex. But that’s just how Mike prefers it.

“Every project is unique – with its own unique set of potential problems,” said Mike. “I really enjoy analyzing the schedule to spot potential problem points and then offering our client better alternatives to manage a positive outcome.”

He’s been an integral part of the project controls process on both commercial and government projects, including the St. Louis Lite Rail build and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ lock and dam construction.

Here’s what the Corps project manager had to say:
“Mr. Brooks contributed greatly to the resolution of numerous contractor claims and contract modifications regarding delays and associated impact costs. The Government has received fair and equitable settlements in regards to contract time extensions and associated impact costs. Mr. Brooks provided insight far beyond just ‘technical evaluation’ of monthly schedule submittals.”

Mike has built a reputation for tenaciously getting the job done and providing invaluable counsel – all with little fanfare or fuss. Maybe that quiet confidence comes from his Midwest roots as a Hoosier and a Purdue grad. Or maybe it’s a passion for construction and project efficiency that drives him to always do better.

He suggests, though, that it might be a little bit of something else too.

“What could be better? I’m lucky enough to work with some great client teams as we see innovative and challenging projects moving and finishing. It’s great knowing I have helped them become a reality.”

His clients would say when you love what you do, like Mike does, it really does show.

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