How PCS Adapted to their Changing Market with Asta Powerproject

Project and Construction Services, Inc. is a 55-person construction management firm in Cleveland, Ohio. As a 25 year old company, PCS knows its way around a construction site. With that experience comes a need for the best software the industry has to offer. Before working with Catalyst, PCS was using Primavera P6 and was struggling to manage its projects effectively. With Catalyst’s help, however, PCS was able to find the perfect construction management software for its needs. By implementing Asta Powerproject, PCS was able to adapt to their changing market and boost productivity. Here are the benefits the PCS team saw from Asta Powerproject:

Asta Powerproject Helped PCS Deliver More Projects on Time and In Scope

At the time of the software switch, the state of public sector work was shifting dramatically. Most municipalities that PCS worked with were changing their compensation model to focus on on-time and on-scope delivery. This meant increased reporting requirements and full responsibility for subcontractors’ performance.

PCS took action by contacting Catalyst. After listening to the team’s situation, we equipped PCS with Asta Powerproject because of its incredible ability to manage users seamlessly across platforms. Thanks to the switch, PCS reported immediate improvement in their ability to develop and update accurate schedules, meaning it could better-manage its projects and owner requirements.

Asta Powerproject Gave PCS All the Power They Needed With Less Complexity

While Primavera P6 is a powerful tool, it’s also overly complex. This makes it increasingly difficult for teams to collaborate because of the steep learning curve. After switching to Asta Powerproject, PCS was able to get everyone on their team on the same page easily. More users were actively using Powerproject than Primavera P6, improving communication and making everyone on the team more effective.

In just hours, the PCS team was able to build detailed schedules in Asta Powerproject. Compared to the lengthy training and steep learning curve associated with Primavera P6, this was a walk in the park for the PCS team. Additionally, the Asta Powerproject setup came with customizable templates to simplify common processes and workflow.

Asta Powerproject Made Projects Easier Than Ever For PCS

The bottom line is that Asta Powerproject made projects easier for PCS than ever before. The team loved the functionality, including intuitive navigation, sleek user interface, and drag-and-drop functionality. PCS was also enamored with the ability to test various “what-if” scenarios with confidence. To quote one member of the team,

“Asta was a clear choice. It had the power and functionality we needed. And, it had several unique features to better serve the construction industry – the ability to set up customized templates for scheduling, unique reporting capabilities, and the ability to effectively progress a schedule so that we can accurately track our projects’ performance.”

Thanks to Asta Powerproject, PCS’ management team had a clearer picture of every project’s progress and potential issues before they even came up. Combined with easily exported reports featuring easy-to-follow graphics and complete schedules and communication barriers were shattered throughout the company.

Today, PCS is running more efficiently than ever thanks to Catalyst and Asta Powerproject. If you want to read the full PCS case study, you can download it here. To learn more about how your team can use Asta Powerproject to make your next project more effective, contact us here! We’d be happy to help you get the same results!

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