Six Reasons Elecosoft Powerproject Is the Best Construction Management Software

If you ask the average construction manager what his favorite construction management software is, he would probably list off Primavera P6 out of habit.  With Primavera’s massive market share, it is unlikely that he has tried everything else.  Despite their market share, however, we believe that a little-known, but very powerful competitor could be the best construction management software in the industry.

Easy to Learn

This could be the hardest thing to find in construction management software. Most of the industry is weighed down by clunky, difficult to use software that slows down projects. Elecosoft Powerproject, on the other hand, is built to make sense. Its user-friendly interface features drag-and-drop functionality that makes the software easy to pick up for anyone on your team.

Flexible Licensing

Unlike other software platforms that force you to get a new license for every user, Powerproject allows you to limit your licenses to the number of people using the software at the same time. This means that you no longer have to choose between paying more for licenses!

High Quality Reports

Senior management doesn’t like surprises on the construction site, which is why reporting is arguably the most important functionality that your construction management software needs. With Elecosoft Powerproject. You can produce professional tabular and graphic reports quickly and easily, as well as visually monitor resources and cost relationships for better forecasting.

Construction Management

Gone are the days of having to start your project plan over when you need to switch platforms. Powerproject seamlessly integrates with Primavera P6, Suretrak, and Microsoft Project. Additionally, integrations with Microsoft Outlook, accounting, BIM, and ERP systems ensure that everyone involved in your project is on the same page at all times.

Multi-Project Collaboration

Not only can you get a fully-detailed view of single projects, but you can also have full visibility over multiple projects with Powerproject’s Enterprise functionality. This allows you to see as much or as little detail as necessary while keeping an eye on every project.

Mobile Friendly

Updating from the job site just got a lot easier thanks to Powerproject’s mobile functionality. Mobile-friendliness makes it simple to monitor assigned tasks and updates anytime, anywhere. If you’re interested in Elecosoft Powerproject software for your next project, the team at Catalyst is here to help. We are experts in construction management and we have helped hundreds of clients implement Powerproject for their staff.

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