Implementation Services

Why choose Catalyst for Implementation?

Whether you want to trade spreadsheets for apps, establish mobile/remote capabilities, get started with a Cloud platform, mobile device management, etc., we will help you develop and execute a technology roadmap with a path to success.

Our Experience

With over 20 years of experience, we haven’t “seen it all” but we are working on it! Every company is unique but coupled with our experience we can make the implementation process both an experience and more importantly, a success.

Catalyst Resources

While we have the experience, who does Catalyst turn to when we have questions?  We have a network of close contacts that both assist and enhance our work for you.  This lowers the risk of an implementation and raises our success rate.

No Stone Unturned

It would be easy to install a piece of software and walk away.  Our approach is such that we want to understand your day to day business and then mold our product(s) around that understanding such that a solution is molded into an asset within your company.

What’s an Implementation?

Companies looking to assess, enhance or implement new schedule technologies are partnering with Catalyst.

Whether large or small, companies face many new, unique technology challenges to keep pace with tomorrows new requirements. For 26 years, our consultants have tackled and solved problems that cost both time and money.


For companies to experience a successful implementation, a thorough understanding of both “what got us here” and “where we want to go” is critical. Catalyst’s in-depth assessments insure mistakes of the past are not repeated.


If your company has existing data that needs to be migrated from old to new, it is not enough to just transfer the data. Catalyst works with key staff to insure project data is both error free and configured to function as expected.


Staff adoption of new methods and software requires change within an organization. Catalyst’s focus on change management will encourage a smooth adoption process and insure successful implementations.


We understand what “Cloud” means and will assist you in your transition from an on-premise solution to a cloud hosted solution which eliminates data silos and frees up valuable company resources to achieve technology goals.

How Software Implementation Works

While some implemenations may just be data migration or a simple upgrade, almost always, the work will fall within six phases.  From Assessments to Rollouts, Catalyst can customize a solution that works for you.



We have to know the “what” and the “how” of what currently exists at your company.  We do this by having 1-on-1 interviews and group interviews that give us insight into both where you currently are and where you want to be.  An Implementation Plan is the result which servers as our guidance towards a successful implementation.



Now that we know how your company works, Catalyst builds a preliminary design and rolls it out to a core group of users.  Through collaboration, the team builds a working solution which will become both a reference and/or development system whihch will remain in place so long as a production solution exists.  



In order to build on the development system, Catalyst believes your company should have time to perform day to day work and make sure the development system is working as planned.  Piloting allows the core team to become comfortable with what will eventually become the rolled out solution.



While we have documented, installed and piloted the solution, a thorough test must be performed prior to allowing all users to start performing day to day operations.  Catalyst thoroughly documents this process such that we know it works click-for-click.



Our implementation team will also be the team that teaches you how to use the solution.  We typically perform two different types of training, Core Team and End-User.  Core Team is a more in-depth but still generalized training while End-user is a customized training for your company.



We know it works, now let’s make it official.  Catalyst believes rolling a product out should be uneventful.  Becaue we have dotted our i’s and crossed our t’s, we already know we have a working product.  Now let’s support our end-users as they adapt and ultimately adopt the new solution.

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