Oracle Primavera

Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM

The industry standard for Planning and Scheduling

Oracle Primavera is the leading Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM) solution for project-intensive industries. It offers best-in-class capabilities focused on mission critical PPM requirements of industries like engineering & construction, discrete and process manufacturing, public administration, financial services and others. Oracle Primavera enables enterprise agility, team productivity, portfolio predictability and overall project management efficiency. The result is the ability to drive down costs, minimize risk and deliver results to key stakeholders.


Oracle Primavera’s software suite is a longstanding leader in project and portfolio management solutions. Known for its reliability, accuracy, and flexibility, Oracle Primavera Software offers best-in-class solutions for project management professionals in industries including engineering, construction, aerospace and defense, utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing and high tech, IT and services, and the public sector.


With Primavera’s Grouping / Sorting, Filters and Coding, companies can create different windows into a project that other tools cannot match.  Further, when combined with the Web version of Primavera, users have the ability to access Primavera from anywhere that has an internet connection.  


Oracle offers several options in order to tailor a solution that works best for your company.  P6 EPPM can be cloud hosted or on-premise and has an interface that can be completely web-based, client based or both.  Primavera also has add-on modules such as Team Member which is used to status activites from your iOS or Android based tablet or phone.  


Tasks may be loaded with Roles and/or Resources in Primavera.  Roles typically establish the demand (forecasting) of a resource.  Changing a task from a role to resources generally supplies a person for the existing demand.

The resources and roles of individual projects roll up to create enterprise level views of upcoming demand for people.  Catalyst believes that through features like resource loading and with enough history, we can start being proactive about planning for schedules versus the typical reactive nature of current project management.  


While most scheduling tools give us the ability to create individual projects, Primavera is the standard when needing multi-project level reporting.  The Enterprise Project Structure gives companies the ability to report across their entire portfolio of projects.  

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