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Tips From Our Instructors: Creating Look-Aheads in Elecosoft Powerproject

Look-aheads are created to give decision makers a means of monitoring upcoming tasks.  This guide serves as a method to create a look-ahead but is by no means the only way.  For this look-ahead, we will create the following: A new Date Zone – so that we can zoom in/out on tasks that are within…
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Tip From Our Instructors: Using Task Data Display and Text Annotations in Asta Powerproject

To communicate project data effectively, it is often desirable to display task information next to the bars. Asta Powerproject provides for this functionality through both Task Data Display and Text Annotations. These two options can be used on their own or in conjunction with one another. The choice depends on what, and how much, data…
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Tip From Our Instructors: The “Start on New Day” Setting in Asta Powerproject

A Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling tool such as Asta Powerproject utilizes several pieces of information – calendar, duration, links, etc. – to calculate dates for each task.   Within Powerproject, there is an additional setting that can affect the Start Date of tasks. It is called “Start on New Day”. It is important that…
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