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Meet the Catalyst Team: Rusty Hamilton

Spend a day with Catalyst’s president Rusty Hamilton at a trade show or in meetings with clients and it becomes clear that he knows just about everybody. With 20+ years in the business and hundreds of firms helped, it’s no wonder.   Most of those last 20 years has been at Catalyst in increasingly larger…
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Meet the Catalyst Team: Erin Batrich

Life has a funny way of showing you who you are. For Erin Batrich, life has repeatedly shown her that she is meant to teach. Even if she wasn’t so sure of that to start…   After going to college for teaching, Erin had a change of heart and decided, instead, to pursue a career…
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Meet the Catalyst Team: Mike Brooks

You’ll just about never see Mike Brooks around the Catalyst office. That’s because he’s one of our road-warriors who will regularly embed with client teams on complex projects. Mike has been a Schedule Consultant at Catalyst since 1995. His assignments can last months at a time and get quite complex. But that’s just how Mike…
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