Primavera Implementation

There’s no “Magic” in the Box!

Despite the incredible functionality of today’s project management software, the most important step to improving your PM capability is performing a complete implementation of PM that addresses the process, technology and human requirements necessary to deliver real and permanent benefit to your organization.


Avoid “Shelf-Ware”

Implementing new project management systems usually result in significant business change for most companies – new operational requirements, new processes, new reporting, and accountabilities. Managing the impact of these organizational changes – and staff reaction to it – is a key element of a lasting implementation methodology.


Implementations fail because they lack focus on user adoption! Research by Aberdeen Group found that technology implementations failed to deliver desired results 70% of the time. Often, existing processes don’t fit, staff behavior change is not achieved, or the new behaviors are practiced for only a short time. Worst of all, the software application can fall into disuse and becomes “shelf-ware” and the potential benefits that originally justified the investment are never realized.


Organizational adoption of new project management processes and technology is the sweet-spot, and the component most often overlooked by many implementation organizations.


A Market-Proven Methodology
Meeting today’s customer demands require new types of solutions. We are well-versed in Oracle Primavera technology solutions and have keen insights into positioning them for competitive advantage. Catalyst’s Implementation Solution Teams are designed to provide clients with lower risk, efficient means to deliver advanced custom Project Management solutions.


Catalyst’s consulting methodology provides a market-tested template to guide performance of the three components of successful Implementations: Process Development, Technology Configuration, and Organizational Readiness.


Drawing on 20 years of industry best practices and deep software expertise, Catalyst consultants assess your business environment and capabilities, create a customized enterprise PM deployment strategy that fits your vision, and deploy Primavera technology to maximize the value of your Oracle investment.


We are experts in implementing Oracle Primavera software applications. Our Implementation staff are Oracle-certified, have a range of other qualifications including PMP, PSP, MBA, plus decades of experience managing projects, and hands-on experience in the industries we serve.


We work quickly and collaboratively. We re-engineer their project management processes and develop improved project management business procedures across their enterprise. And, using AIM tools, we manage the inherent resistance to change and anchor new practices into everyday habits.


Our commitment to quality and client satisfaction is proven through numerous client testimonials, and the frequent industry awards we have received. Call Catalyst today and learn more about how we can help make your Oracle Primavera implementation a complete success.