Consulting: Catalyst scheduling resources

Catalyst’s experienced technical resources can assist you with installation and deployment of project management software. We have installation experience ranging from stand-alone systems to installations serving thousands of system users; from simple desktops to widely distributed centralized system solutions.  We offer various levels of installation assistance.


Are you experiencing a COVID-19 related Stop-Work scenario on your project(s)? If so, ask yourself the following questions regarding impacts to your projects:

  • Has labor or delayed material shipments impacted the project schedule and/or the cost of your project?
  • Are you prepared to (experienced at) determine and document the time and cost impacts attributable to a Covid-19 delay?
  • Are you properly prepared to submit requests for equitable adjustment and/or claim for these delays?

Catalyst scheduling resources can help. Our schedule professionals will provide independent fact-based analysis of project status, potential delay impacts and position you for a proactive restart of work. Catalyst’s methodology will deliver the maximum of quality with the minimum of fuss. Catalyst will help you:

  • Create a valid updated schedule report of the work in place and completion percentage for each of the scheduled work activities at shutdown.
  • Develop sub-schedules and cost of all extra work caused by COVID-19 Demobilization and Remobilization.
  • Identify critical material, labor and equipment that may need to be expedited prior to remobilization which helps avoid any strain on your supply chain at restart
  • Develop a detailed schedule for restart and completion of the work, including changes and the work necessary to mitigate impact of delays.
  • Determine all delays and responsibilities that impact your project’s critical path
  • Prepare your staff to properly evaluate and value each delay and document / negotiate a proactive response.
  • The end-product of your collaboration with Catalyst will be comprehensive with documentation that quantifies all impacts imposed on your project due to COVID-19. We will ensure that your change-orders and/or claims are accurate and defensible if challenged.  

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