Covid – 19 Consulting



Are you experiencing a COVID-19 related Stop-Work scenario on your project(s)? If so, ask yourself the following questions regarding impacts to your projects:


    • Has labor or delayed material shipments impacted the project schedule and\or the cost of your project?
    • Are you prepared to (experienced at) determine and document the time and cost impacts attributable to a Covid – 19 delay?
    • Are you properly prepared to submit requests for equitable adjustment and \or claim for these delays?
Catalyst scheduling resources can help. Our schedule professionals will provide independent fact-based analysis of project status, potential delay impacts and position you for a proactive restart of work. Catalyst’s methodology will deliver the maximum of quality with the minimum of fuss. Catalyst will help you:


    • Create a valid updated schedule report of the work in place and completion percentage for each of the scheduled work activities at shutdown.
    • Develop sub-schedules and cost of all extra work caused by COVID-19 Demobilization and Remobilization.
    • Identify critical material, labor and equipment that may need to be expedited prior to remobilization which helps avoid any strain on your supply chain at restart
    • Develop a detailed schedule for restart and completion of the work, including changes and the work necessary to mitigate impact of delays.
    • Determine all delays and responsibilities that impact your project’s critical path
    • Prepare your staff to properly evaluate and value each delay and document / negotiate a proactive response.
    • The end-product of your collaboration with Catalyst will be comprehensive with documentation that quantifies all impacts imposed on your project due to COVID-19. We will ensure that your change-orders and/or claims are accurate and defensible if challenged.   
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Integration Services

Integrating Oracle Primavera technology with other corporate systems can deliver increased efficiency, eliminate redundant data entry, and ensure the Primavera data-set acts as the “single version of truth” for your organization’s projects.  


Custom Report, Form and Dashboard Development

Catalyst consultants have developed hundreds of custom Oracle Primavera P6 and Contract Management reports and forms that save time and deliver precise information in the right format at the right time to project stakeholders.   


User Support, System Maintenance and Help-Desk Services

Often, new project controls system will require staff responsible for maintaining the PM system, auditing the quality and completeness of system data, modifying system dictionaries, managing user accounts and security, and providing “Help Desk” services to the user community.  


Project Management and Software Process & work-Flow  Development

Working collaborative with client staff, Catalyst consultants will combine the organization’s capability and vision assessment data with our extensive Best-Practice library to craft new project management processes and procedures that meet desired operational demands.   


System Documentation & Publishing

Using Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) tools, Catalyst consultants develop system operation manuals, process maps, procedure manuals, and custom training materials. 


Data Conversion

Catalyst consultants will convert existing project data files into formats that are useable in the new project management system.  Using our proprietary tools, many file formats can be converted quickly and accurately.