Consulting: Other Services

Integration Services

Integrating Oracle Primavera technology with other corporate systems can deliver increased efficiency, eliminate redundant data entry, and ensure the Primavera data-set acts as the “single version of truth” for your organization’s projects.   Integration eliminates duplicate data entry, delivers high data integrity, and ensures critical systems are always in sync.   Learn More


Custom Report, Form and Dashboard Development

Catalyst consultants have developed hundreds of custom Oracle Primavera P6 and Contract Management reports and forms that save time and deliver precise information in the right format at the right time to project stakeholders.   Our team can define, implement and optimize Primavera custom reports and operational dashboards using source data from a variety of the organization’s systems-of-record.   We can teach your staff custom report methods and techniques.  We can develop specific reports tailored to meet your company’s or customer’s requirements.  We can convert existing forms and reports to new Oracle Primavera formats using Oracle BI Publisher.    Learn More


User Support, System Maintenance and Help-Desk Services

Often, new project controls system will require staff responsible for maintaining the PM system, auditing the quality and completeness of system data, modifying system dictionaries, managing user accounts and security, and providing “Help Desk” services to the user community.  These services are critical to achieving and maintaining user confidence in the system information and maintaining adoption across all system users.

Often, Catalyst staff is contracted to to provide consultants to perform these tasks.     Learn More


Project Management and Software Process & work-Flow  Development

Working collaborative with client staff, Catalyst consultants will combine the organization’s capability and vision assessment data with our extensive Best-Practice library to craft new project management processes and procedures that meet desired operational demands.   For example, we created automated workflows to guide users through standardized PM processes that automate approvals, manage risk,  and speed project and program creation.   Learn More  


System Documentation & Publishing

Using Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) tools, Catalyst consultants develop system operation manuals, process maps, procedure manuals, and custom training materials.  The material will utilize text, audio, and video tools to convey material in the most effective, user-friendly manner.   Learn More


Data Conversion

Catalyst consultants will convert existing project data files into formats that are useable in the new project management system.  Using our proprietary tools, many file formats can be converted quickly and accurately.  Completed project data can be converted and stored in a “historical database”, separate from active project data but available for reference when required.  Learn More