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Overview of Powerproject

First launched in 1988, Powerproject is a powerful, project, portfolio and resource management solution designed to support the way construction planners work and has evolved with their input so that it specifically meets the needs of the industry. Used by large and small businesses alike, it is the preferred software of thousands of construction professionals.

Delivering projects needs the right tools, but although your projects may be complex, your software does not have to be complicated. Construction professionals across the world find Powerproject easy to use, yet scalable and powerful.

Collaboration with Real-Time Data

If you need multiple users to access and update a central project plan or need organisation-wide visibility over multiple projects then see how Powerproject Enterprise can be the ideal solution

Mobile Progress Updates

Update your project plans from site easily with mobile devices feeding back progress to the main project plan using Site Progress Mobile.

4D Planning

See how you can combine your Powerproject project plan with 3D models to create affordable 4D planning with Powerproject BIM.

Easy to Use

See how Powerproject enables you to easily create your project plan for managing simple tasks or highly complex megaprojects.

Catalyst & Powerproject

Catalyst’s experienced technical resources can assist you with installation and deployment of project management software. We have installation experience ranging from stand-alone systems to installations serving thousands of system users; from simple desktops to widely distributed centralized system solutions. We offer various levels of installation assistance.


A single installation of Powerproject is fairly simple but call us if you need any help.  Where installation becomes a bit more complicated is when doing multiple installations and using the Asta License Manager.  Our experienced technicians can guide you through the process and save both time and cost.  


While upgrading a single instance of Powerproject only takes moments, your templates and border files should also be considered.  Catalyst can help to insure that not only your version of Powerprojec is updated but that all of the required components to keep you productive are upgraded as well. 


Catalyst has professionals that can answer your questions.  Whether a technical enivronment or specific end-user support questions, we have the experience needed. 


If you have been thinking of moving to the Cloud, Catalyst can help.  Whether you want to move your current environment to Azure or sign up for the newly release Powerproject Vision, Catalyst can help you migrate the data from the old database to the new with minimal interruption in service. 

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