5 Reasons to Choose Oracle Primavera Cloud as Your CPM Software

5 Reasons to Choose Oracle Primavera Cloud as Your CPM Software

Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling software is used to visualize and determine a project’s duration. In its simplicity, CPM software is incredibly effective in helping construction project managers achieve success and profitability; CPM software analyzes, plans, and schedules out complex projects with ease.

Oracle Primavera has long been the gold standard for CPM scheduling software. Primavera P6 is the flagship product for globally prioritizing, planning, managing, and executing projects, programs and portfolios. It is deployed On-Premise, requiring a dedicated database/application server environment and is available in two forms: P6 Professional (PPM) or P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM).

Recognizing the migration away from traditional software installations and toward Cloud-based subscription services, Oracle has recently rolled out Oracle Primavera Cloud, a subscription-based solution for all stages of the project lifecycle that lives 100% on the Cloud. It has the look and feel of the more traditional Primavera P6 PPM and Primavera P6 EPPM, but in a modern environment. Primavera Cloud eliminates the need for server space and labor to maintain a hardware environment.

For current Primavera P6 users who are considering transitioning their project management processes to the cloud, or new prospects who are considering a CPM software for their construction project management, here are 5 benefits of choosing Oracle Primavera Cloud as your critical path method scheduling software:

  1. Reduced Cost

Oracle Primavera Cloud is an incredibly cost-effective alternative to the traditional Oracle Primavera P6 platform, especially if it will need to be licensed company-wide. Primavera Cloud licenses start at just $100 a month (with all the same functionality as P6) and include a minimum of five users—pricing Oracle Primavera Cloud at approximately 1/3 of the cost of acquiring a single new Primavera P6 license.

With a variety of license options available, Primavera Cloud also allows companies to only pay for the tools their team members really need and use. Read about the different license options available here.

  1. Cloud-Based

Living 100% on the Cloud, Oracle Primavera Cloud eliminates the need for server space and labor to maintain a hardware environment, making it a more flexible, scalable, and reliable alternative to Primavera P6. There is no time wasted on downloading applications, and no sleep lost over losing critical information.

Hosting everything on the Cloud also allows users to access projects, portfolios, and schedule data anywhere, anytime via computer, tablet, or mobile device, while Oracle Primavera P6 can only be used on one computer at a time. The flexibility of Primavera Cloud gives construction project managers the freedom to not be tied to their desktops and still have all of their data and information readily available at their fingertips.

  1. User-Friendliness

The Primavera P6 dashboard is known to be a bit cumbersome and requires extensive training to acclimate to use project controls effectively. With Primavera Cloud, Oracle has simplified the user experience and updated with clear directions on how to add a project, access project activities and project data, add timesheets, and more. With improved user-friendliness, team members can be up and running on the software a lot quicker than before.

  1. Enhanced Communication

Oracle has improved communication and collaboration capabilities within their Primavera Cloud service. With Primavera P6 Professional, team members would only be able to view projects if they were inside the same database, and changes required manual review. In Oracle Primavera Cloud, users can easily send information to their team members and alert them of specific changes made in the schedule in real time.

Oracle Primavera Cloud was designed with collaboration in mind, and services such as creating and submitting timesheets are already integrated. With Primavera P6, these services are licensed separately.

  1. Multiple Workflows, Unified Platform

Primavera Cloud features a variety of integrated workflow solutions, including Primavera Schedule, Primavera Lean, Primavera Portfolio Management, and Primavera Progress. The software gives users access to ALL of these solutions to plan, schedule and control projects, evaluate scenarios, cost load and manage resources, create and manage portfolios, break schedules down into lean-scheduling tasks, and perform risk and scope management. Multiple workflow solutions—all in one place.

Catalyst Provides Implementation and Training for Oracle Primavera Cloud

If you’re considering getting started on the Cloud platform, Catalyst can assist with the migration and implementation process. We’ll help you develop and execute a technology roadmap with a path to success.

When changing platforms, it is not enough to just transfer the data. Catalyst works with key staff to ensure project data is both error free and configured to function as expected.

We understand what “Cloud” means and will assist you in your transition from an on-premise solution to a cloud hosted solution which eliminates data silos and frees up valuable company resources to achieve technology goals.

Catalyst  has been in business for over 27 years. We operate with the highest integrity and strive to be ethically responsible. Our unique value is in our industry expertise and knowledge of the tools. To learn more about our latest CPM Scheduling Software offering, Oracle Primavera Cloud, and our software training and product support services, contact our team today.

Catalyst keeps your construction project on-time and on-budget, without sacrificing quality.

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