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Companies That Schedule Every Job Perform Better
Is your team taking advantage of project scheduling to stay on track? Or are you avoiding the creation of a schedule because you think it takes too long, it’s too complex, or overkill for your projects? If so, you could be setting yourself up for avoidable problems later.

Schedules are not a “chore” that must be done to meet contract terms. It is an invaluable tool to guide your team to execute with more foresight, manage with greater visibility, and control the countless surprises of a busy jobsite. Yes, planning and scheduling does require some up-front time and effort. But, a rock-solid schedule can pay big dividends throughout the lifecycle of a project – from bidding to final invoice.     > Read More

Tip From Our Instructors:
Using Task Data Display and Task Annotations in Asta Powerproject

To communicate project data effectively, it is often desirable to display task information next to the bars. Asta Powerproject provides for this functionality through both Task Data Display and Text Annotations. These two options can be used on their own or in conjunction with one another. The choice depends on what, and how much, data the user wants to show .    > Read More
Tip From Our Consultants:
None of my Activities are Constrained So Why Do I Have Negative Float in My P6 Schedule?

There is negative float in your schedule and yet you've checked for constraints on your activities and can't find any…puzzling, right?

Unfortunately, there is a sneaky type of constraint at the project level that can also force negative float through the schedule even if none of the activities are constrained. It's totally invisible when you're looking at a printout because, unlike the asterisks indicating when an activity is constrained, there is no automatic identifier indicating that the project itself is constrained.    > Read More

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Updating Schedules in Asta Powerproject
Thursday, September 28 at 11:00 a.m. (ET)
Our scheduling pros will review settings to consider when updating a schedule. They'll also show how to update via date change only, how to update via progress period with jagged progress lines, and how to set up and use Site Progress Mobile for updates at the jobsite.
Site Progress Mobile for Updates from the Field
Site Progress Mobile for Asta Powerproject is a downloadable app that enables mobile users to record the progress of tasks and repetitive events from remote locations – like a jobsite trailer in New York City or a road project in rural Iowa. The app is available for Android and Apple devices.    > Read More
Meet the Catalyst Team:
Erin Batrich

Life has a funny way of showing you who you are. For Erin Batrich, life has repeatedly shown her that she is meant to teach. Even if she wasn’t so sure of that to start…

After going to college for teaching, Erin had a change of heart and decided, instead, to pursue a career in business. In fact, she joined the Catalyst team as an administrative assistant in the Chicago office.    > Read More
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Weitz Completes Giant Student Housing Development Ahead of Schedule

Pepper ConstructionFrom Asta Powerproject users, The Weitz Company

Nearly two years to the date of opening construction, The Weitz Company finished building the largest student housing development in the United States one week ahead of schedule.

Located in College Station, Texas, on the campus of Texas A&M University, Park West is a 50-acre, 3,406-bed, 2.2-million-square-foot community that was organized through a public-private partnership between the Texas A&M University System; Irving, Texas-based developer Servitas; and Weitz.   > Read More

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Final Thoughts:
Are Your Projects Late Due to Poor Execution or Because of Poor Planning?
By Steve Sudler, CEO of Catalyst
Construction is a very risky business and the CPM schedule has become the basis of the evaluation of progress and delays both during projects (contemporaneously) and after the fact (forensically). Various studies indicate that less than 50% of US construction projects are completed on time. As O’Brien and Plotnick stress in their book CPM in Construction Management, “…there are no winners in delay”.

First glance may suggest that execution of the approved schedule is largely at fault, but perhaps the problem lies in how we are measuring success. “On-Time” is a benchmark relative to the project’s Baseline Schedule. Are your projects actually falling behind during execution, or is your company just using a bad schedule as the benchmark?    > Read More
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We asked readers to rank the percentage of thier team's projects that finish ontime or before deadline. Nearly 2 out of 3 respondents reported 60% or better, breaking the national trends.
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