Good Reads: Four Cloud Computing Trends to Track in 2018
Guest author for Construction Executive magazine, Jon Witty, calls the current age of cloud computing transformative but still "just the beginning." It is amazing to think how things have changed in the last five or six years when the cloud was barely a thought in the construction industry. And, in just that time its proven its value "helping contractors improve communication within their companies and foster collaboration with other members of the building team," he says. 

So, where will it go next? Witty suggests there are four main cloud computing trends that will make the "biggest impact for construction companies in 2018." First, he says is "continued movement of the IT infrastructures to cloud hosting services."  Read the full article in CE

Catalyst and LoadSpring just announced a partnership to give teams using P6 or Asta Powerproject a best-in-class option for cloud hosting the software. Read more here.
Tips From Our Instructors:
Use Look-Aheads to Monitor Near-Term Progress
Look-aheads are created to give decision makers a means of monitoring upcoming tasks. This guide serves as a method to create a look-ahead but is by no means the only way. For this look-ahead, we will create a new Date Zone so that we can zoom in/out on tasks that are within the look-ahead. We'll also create Shading to highlight upcoming tasks, and create an optional Filter to hide tasks that do not fall within the look-ahead.
Tips From Our Consultants:
Powerproject's Help Feature, Clearing Filter Selections and more 
Users of Asta Powerproject know how intuitive the software is to use right out of the box. For those that do have an occasional question, though, our Catalyst consultant Marlena suggests starting with the built-in help feature.You can typically see an explanation of every field of the active tab of the dialog box. Related Topics are also nice to take your learning to the next step.

Marlena also offers some practical tips on how to clear custom filter selections as well as when and how to use a custom calendar.

Rusty Hamilton delivers for clients
Spend a day with Catalyst's president Rusty Hamilton at a trade show or in meetings with clients and it becomes clear that he knows just about everybody. With 20+ years in the business and hundreds of firms helped, it's no wonder.

Most of those last 20 years has been at Catalyst in increasingly larger roles - from scheduling and contract management consultant to IT director/lead technical consultant and, most recently, to business development executive for the Midwest states. 

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Chicago Public Schools' Portfolio Approach Drives Efficiency and Savings
Chicago Public Schools needed a better way to manage multiple capital improvement projects for its 670 schools. Lack of common methods and tools led to limited project visibility and inefficiency. Twenty-eight percent of projects were significantly behind schedule. Countless hours were also wasted entering duplicate data into various CPS financial and operations systems.     > Read more
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P6: Introduction
P6: Advanced
Powerproject Introduction

Final Thoughts: For real value, project controls must be "good," not just "good enough"
By Steve Sudler, CEO of Catalyst
Catalyst's planning and scheduling Professionals are contracted to help contractors prepare and manage project schedules for new work or rework the schedule for a "problem project". 

 Often, our first challenge is that the project team is not committed to the idea that project controls are valuable. Perhaps they have a point - simply having project controls is not enough. To effectively manage a project, you need "good" project controls. 
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