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Christy Bright
Customer Care Coordinator

Public Sector

As an executive in charge of your organization’s private capital projects, you know the importance of delivering your programs on time and within budget.  With Increasing project complexity, the vast array of players involved, tight capital budgets and intense tax-payer scrutiny, this is becoming more difficult.  Some view this shift as a burden.  However, many government agencies see it as an opportunity.

Increasingly, Public-Sector organizations are adopting a standardized capital program management solution that help staff select the right projects, improve coordination of design and construction, maintain clear real-time visibility into the status all project work, keep costs in line, and deliver projects on time, every time.

With standardized capital program management processes and technology, agencies are able to:

  • Achieve Consistent Project Success through Standardization.  Now, agencies can standardize their business processes across all projects and programs.  When all participants are using common tools and methods, analysis, collaboration, execution and communication are greatly enhanced.
  • Track all Project Requirements.    Easily know precisely where each project stands at any moment, and forecast project performance to completion—helping you keep your contractors on track to meet your project and business objectives.
  • Increase Agency Efficiency.  Standardizing capital program management processes and technology allows all participants to enter their plans and progress directly into the system, eliminating redundant data entry and speed project/portfolio analysis and reporting.
  • Avoid Costly Surprises That Affect Your Funding.   Using superior analysis and forecast metrics, you will spot problems early and make practical course corrections, avoiding unexpected delays and the need for additional funding.
  • Manage Contractor Performance   See what contractors have been  doing, how productive they are, accuratly forecast their future work, and when to release progress payments.
  • Achieve Consistent Program Success Through Standardization   Specifying common project management tools and processes will enhance your agencies’ execution and efficiency throughout your programs.  Get greater consistency, more-meaningful metrics, and standardized reports across projects.
  • Provide realistic status, forecasts and project reporting.    Easily, accurately inform all stakeholders and regulatory bodies.  Quickly provide historical and forecast reporting at both the Project and Portfolio levels.  Reduce staff time and effort by producing various compliance reporting directly from the system.
  • Protect Against Construction Disputes and Claims.  Rigorously enforce a consistent process and workflow—from requests for information (RFIs) to change orders, manage updated contracts, speed change order processing, and complete projects faster. The result is a reduced potential for claims.


For 19 years, public agencies have chosen Catalyst to help them make better project management decisions, improve project governance, and deliver greater predictability to project production and financial performance.   Catalyst’s comprehensive end-to-end set of project control processes, Oracle Primavera software technology, and organizational readiness tools can provide Agencies with quick, economical improvement to their capital project management capabilities.  See how Catalyst can help you select, implement and roll-out better capital project controls capability and run better projects – organizationwide.  Talk to us today.