Consulting: Scheduling for Government Markets

Put Catalyst’s Scheduling Specialists on your Team
…because traditional approaches have not worked.

A 2008 ENR magazine study stated that 67% of America’s capital projects finish late, resulting in increased cost and delayed revenue streams that significantly impact Owner project value.  Clearly, traditional methods for managing project delivery are not working.  Project Owner reliance on project architects & engineers, construction managers, and/or contractors to provide project schedule management is not delivering satisfactory results.


Current methods that include schedule management scope in the contracts for design, or construction management are failing because:


  • Inexperienced personnel are often assigned to schedule review and analysis tasks.
  • Optimistic project planning and reporting are common.
  • The providers have skill-gaps – they lack expertise and processes to provide expert schedule oversight to detect and resolve developing problems more quickly.
  • There is an inherent conflict-of-interest among project participants.
  • The team has a built-in bias toward reporting only good news.
  • The professionals have a natural concern about their reputation and personal liability.


To improve their project delivery capabilities, progressive organizations are increasingly turning to third-party experts – like Catalyst – to provide independent and objective professional scheduling oversight on their important projects.


The Catalyst Solution

During the last 18 years, Catalyst has provided comprehensive schedule management expertise to facility owners, designers, contractors, and project investors for all phases of project design and construction.  Our expertise assures that our client’s interests are fully protected and the team is accurately informed regarding project schedule and cost status throughout the project’s lifecycle.
We know what can go wrong.


Catalyst professionals have analyzed and managed hundreds of schedules with construction value in excess of $40 billon dollars.  Our Owner clients have increased their on-time on-budget delivery by utilizing Catalyst to:


  • Identify and eliminate the inevitable bias in the contractor’s schedule
  • Continuously validate schedule compliance with specifications, CPM best practices, constructability, float paths and critical path content
  • Highlight and manage key project interfaces among participants
  • Closely track required government approval and filing issues that often delay projects
  • Identify and analyze schedule effects of contractor-caused delays and advise regarding impacts to project performance
  • Create basis for quantifying impacts of delay and project change orders
  • Confirm project design, engineering and construction performance reported by participants


Our Schedule Consultants provide specialized knowledge of scheduling best practice, construction case law, common construction methods and the professional judgment gained from decades of “hands on” construction experience.  They skillfully recognize, analyze and advise the Owner’s project team regarding all project schedule issues and impacts.


Catalyst’s scheduling consultants provide reliable, independent and objective schedule information that can make or break a major construction project – no matter who is building or managing it.


Catalyst offers a comprehensive project schedule service portfolio.

Project Schedule Specification Development

  • Insure specification requirements support the Owner’s data needs.
  • Standardized schedule specification enables integration of individual contractor schedules into Master Schedules where inter-contractor and third-party connections are managed.
  • Provide contractors a Project file template to ensure consistent data organization supports robust project reporting.

Pre-Bid Schedule Development

  • Validate proposed construction cycle-time, identify potential bottlenecks and time-based cost flows.
  • Identify and evaluate alternate approaches to the work; reduce wasted opportunities.
  • Forecast work-force and material management issues.

Program-Level Baseline Schedule Development

  • Determine individual project-level requirements necessary to support program-level objectives.
  • Establish accurate time-based funding forecast to reduce funding costs.
  • Highlight key milestones and risks to support management-by-exception reporting.

Program Schedule Management & Monitoring

  • Forecast and manage impacts of project change on other projects and program performance.
  • Improve inter-project coordination and communication.

Contractor Schedule Development Assistance

  • Improve contractor schedule quality.
  • Ensure consistent data structure within all projects in program.
  • Reduce effort required for schedule review and acceptance.

Contractor Baseline Schedule Analysis

  • Compliance with contract requirements.
  • Review constructability of work, sequence, completeness, labor and material forecasts vs. supply.
  • Compliance with CPM best practice.
  • Eliminate schedule bias.
  • Validate activity float and critical path content.
  • Validate reasonableness of activity resource loading, anticipated productivity and costs.
  • Establish an accurate basis to support decisions regarding contractor requests for time extensions and compensability.

Contractor Schedule Update Analysis

  • Verify accuracy of update information.
  • Identify and analyze all schedule modifications.
  • Validate activity float calculations and critical path location.
  • Validate updated work sequence, work content, durations, float, and prior agreed issues.
  • Analyze effects of proposed work changes.  Determine appropriate schedule revisions.
  • Identify and quantify delay issues to improve management of change impacts.
  • Identify and analyze schedule effects of contractor-caused delays and advise project manager regarding impacts to project performance.

As-Built Schedule Development & Maintenance

  • Maintain accurate record of actual contractor performance.
  • Create basis for quantifying impacts of delay and project change orders.


Accurate and comprehensive project schedules are one of the construction owner’s most valuable project management tools.  Make sure Catalyst is always part of your capital project team.  Contact Steve Sudler today at 317-227-3499 to learn more.