Leveraging Asta Powerproject to Communicate More Effectively with Management

Leveraging Asta Powerproject to Communicate More Effectively with Management



In the construction industry, surprises are rarely good things. Your senior management team likes to be kept in the loop at all times, and they need to know what’s happening on your construction site to track costs. However, you seldom have the time or energy to report every little detail back up to your management team during your projects. That’s where effective construction management software comes in handy.


If you’re using the right construction management software, you should be able to easily communicate any potential issues with senior management with relative ease. Many software solutions, however, fall short on functionality or ease-of-use. That’s why we consistently recommend Asta Powerproject to our clients. There are three primary ways that you can use Asta Powerproject in order to communicate more effectively with your senior management team:

Use Asta Powerproject to Predict Future Costs or Delays

While other construction management software solutions can be clunky and hard to edit, Asta Powerproject features an intuitive, easy-to-use Gannt chart. While many solutions feature some variation of this functionality, Asta Powerproject’s Gannt chart allows you the ability to change various deadlines and see the impact that this will have on your overall project.


In practical terms, this means that you can predict future costs or delays as issues arise. When unexpected delays happen – and they always do – you can make more intelligent predictions about the impact these delays will have on your overall projects thanks to this functionality. Instead of guessing, you can show actual projections based on potential delays or modifications.


This same functionality also allows you to build contingency plans before an issue arises. With multiple “undo” and “redo” options, even after you save your project schedule, you can compare various plans against your baseline to get a solid understanding of how potential issues would affect your plan before they ever happen. This allows for more visibility with upper management, meaning less stress for you and your team.

Use Asta Powerproject to Reduce Costs by Allocating Your Resources More Effectively

In addition to projecting issues before they happen, you can leverage Asta Powerproject to allocate your resources more effectively. You can’t afford to have people or equipment under-utilized or over-utilized, which is why Asta Powerproject enables you to allocate resources more effectively across all activities, projects, and programs.


For your management team, this means that they have complete visibility into resource usage in real time. This gives them the ability to communicate adjustments easily and gives them the peace-of-mind associated with knowing that their resources are all being used optimally.

Use Business Intelligence Tools to Provide Key Performance Indicators to Management 24/7

Finally, any good construction management software will provide you with reporting, but Asta Powerproject’s business intelligence tools are some of the best on the market because of how easy these tools make the reporting process. Asta Powerproject’s business intelligence tools enable your management team to monitor key performance indicators and track project performance in real time, even when they’re out of the office. These tools are also optimized for mobile devices, making the management process even easier.


If you’re tired of your senior management team not understanding what’s happening on the ground, or if you are one of those senior managers, tired of not having full visibility into the construction site, you need to consider a switch to Asta Powerproject. We’ve worked with thousands of construction management professionals, and we are yet to see another software solution that works quite as well as Asta Powerproject. To learn more, contact us here!