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New Releases: Asta Powerproject v14.0.0.2

Current users of Asta Powerproject likely saw a few upgrades and new features when they logged in recently.    The scheduling software’s latest release brings new features and extended functionality, including several specifically requested by US customers to reflect the way they work.   Changes make it easier to import Microsoft Project XML files…
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What is the Dollar Value of Speed

By Steve Sudler, CEO of Catalyst One of the often unrealized benefits of scheduling all your construction projects is increasing the speed of construction. Speed has a real impact on profitability in ways that are obvious and in some ways you might not be aware of.   Fast construction can reduce contractor overhead, insurance cost,…
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Meet the Catalyst Team: Mike Brooks

You’ll just about never see Mike Brooks around the Catalyst office. That’s because he’s one of our road-warriors who will regularly embed with client teams on complex projects. Mike has been a Schedule Consultant at Catalyst since 1995. His assignments can last months at a time and get quite complex. But that’s just how Mike…
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Catalyst Completes Asta Powerproject Roll-Out with Pepper Construction

One of the leading firms in the Midwest faced the challenge of software obsolescence with their project scheduling system (Suretrak). They turned to Catalyst for advice on best-in-class software options, user training and implementation support. Pepper Construction Group, with nearly 1,000 employees and well-known clients in the commercial and private sectors, has long used technology…
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Tip From Our Consultants: Applying Filters to Bars in Primavera P6

A code field can be used to color code the bars. The example I usually use is a need to quickly see conflicting simultaneous operations (SimOps) in an outage/shutdown schedule. To demonstrate, this procedure will use a very simple example consisting of two modules and three different types of work.   This procedures suggests creating…
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Tip From Our Instructors: The “Start on New Day” Setting in Asta Powerproject

A Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling tool such as Asta Powerproject utilizes several pieces of information – calendar, duration, links, etc. – to calculate dates for each task.   Within Powerproject, there is an additional setting that can affect the Start Date of tasks. It is called “Start on New Day”. It is important that…
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2016 Saw Fewer Construction Firms Meeting Project Targets

In their annual study of 4,000 American companies, the “Pulse of the Profession”, the Project Management Instute (PMI) saw declines in many of the success factors they track. Most concerning, the percentage of projects meeting their goals — like on-time delivery — took a significant dip.   Compared to last year, fewer projects are being…
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The May/June Reader Poll

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