3 Keys to a Successful and Profitable Construction Project

Construction projects have a lot of moving pieces. There are hundreds of variables, change orders, design challenges, and unforeseen conditions that can impact your project – and we haven’t even mentioned what happens at the intersection of business owners, designers, engineers, and the small army of subcontractors it takes to complete a project.

Working with SDEF and P6 Professional

In 1986, the US Army Corps of Engineers recognized the need for a Standard Data Exchange Format (SDEF) to facilitate the exchange of data among contractors using various project management tools. The format chosen was a 132-character per line, fixed-length ASCII file, with data items, field positions, and field lengths explicitly defined by the SDEF specification.

Oracle Primavera – Key Resource Loading Fields

Resource Loading in Primavera utilizes both Cost and Units Columns. Knowing which fields are important is half the battle. This page discusses some of the key fields / considerations to make when resource loading a schedule. This document also discusses why some fields may be ignored when resource loading.

Three Advantages in Making the Switch to Elecosoft Powerproject

As the market leader for construction management software, Oracle Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project are solutions that work for their given needs. Between Oracle Primavera and Microsoft Project, Elecosoft Powerproject gives the best of both worlds. It has the familiarity of the Microsoft Office Suite while having many of the features of Primavera.