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BIM adoption spreading faster than we realize, says Elecosoft’s Ruddle

  The British government’s BIM mandate for the public sector is taking hold faster than many individual firms realize, as the long timespan of projects means that knowledge of market conditions can lag behind reality, according to Jason Ruddle, managing director of the software company Elecosoft’s UK operation.   He was speaking as Elecosoft launched…
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When Do I Need To Switch Construction Management Software?

Every construction management software is different, but every construction team is different. Some systems are optimal for large teams while others are optimal for small teams. Regardless of the solution you choose, it’s important to know when to cut the cord and move on. Too many construction professionals come to us after they have spent…
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How PCS Adapted to their Changing Market with Asta Powerproject

Project and Construction Services, Inc. is a 55-person construction management firm in Cleveland, Ohio. As a 25 year old company, PCS knows its way around a construction site. With that experience comes a need for the best software the industry has to offer. Before working with Catalyst, PCS was using Primavera P6 and was struggling…
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Leveraging Asta Powerproject to Communicate More Effectively with Management

In the construction industry, surprises are rarely good things. Your senior management team likes to be kept in the loop at all times, and they need to know what’s happening on your construction site to track costs. However, you seldom have the time or energy to report every little detail back up to your management…
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How Chicago Public School System Manages Projects with Primavera P6

As the third-largest school system in the country, the Chicago Public School System tends to have plenty of irons in the fire. When it first implemented Primavera P6 into its construction management process, it was managing 1,000 remote workers across 175 active capital projects worth approximately $1.4 billion. Despite these large numbers, however, it had…
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Need Construction Management Software? See Asta Powerproject In Action

If you’re looking for project management software for your construction project, the choices can be confusing. There are several software solutions available, and many different pricing and licensing models to consider. Through the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of contractors, construction managers, and state-wide departments and we’ve found Asta’s Powerproject software to be the best…
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Three Ways Asta Powerproject Outperforms Primavera P6

As the market leader for construction management software, Primavera P6 appears to have it all. That’s why so many of our clients are shocked to find out that there is software with all of Primavera’s functionality at a fraction of the cost. No, this isn’t a small startup looking to get new users. In fact,…
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