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Pennsylvania Department of Transportation is changing their Project scheduling tool-of-choice to Asta Powerproject and will require schedules to be submitted for Asta Powerproject.


Catalyst has created a broad program called Fast Start for all APC construction company members to make the transition to Asta Powerproject as smooth and hassle-free as possible. As a certified PennDOT contractor, you can enjoy 10% off each Asta Poweproject license, a FREE seat in our two-day online training, and ongoing support from Catalyst’s schedule consultants.


Don’t miss out on your chance to save during this limited-time program. Follow the simple steps below to make a Fast Start with Asta Powerproject.

Step 1: Select Software

Standalone Licenses

Asta Powerproject - Standalone License The standalone license is perfect for schedulers who need regular access to Asta Powerproject. The dedicated license ensures 100% uptime.

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Concurrent Licenses

Asta Powerproject - Concurrent License The concurrent license is a great way to give occasional schedulers access to Asta Powerproject. One license can be shared by an unlimited number of people, though we typically recommend a max of 3-4 assigned users.

Asta Fast Start
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Step 2: Get Training


Asta Powerproject Training A two-day, instructor-led online Asta Powerproject introductory training. Choose the number of people you’d like to have trained and enter their names below. During this special offer, you get one class seat per license.

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Step 3: Checkout

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