Who We Are


Since 1994, Project Management and Scheduling Software have been our passion.

Catalyst has been around for over 20 years and has been through both prosperity and had our own struggles.  Through it all though, we are still here and ready to fill your company’s needs in any way we can.  After all, there is a reason you came here right?

Our focus is on Oracle Primavera, Elecosoft Powerproject and the various services that come with them.  Our employess have dedication not commonly seen throughout the industry.  Some of us have been at Catalyst from the beginning and others are approaching 20 years being with the company.  With longevity comes wisdom and Catalyst makes it a focus to spread that wisdom throughout the company and to our clients.

Steve Sudler

We have successfully served thousands of clients and hundreds of projects. We offer information, analysis, and recommendations on best practices that improve our client’s project management capability and their bottom line. In addition, we provide skilled experts to client teams when they need to fill internal skills gaps.

Catalyst’s primary resources are its exceptional talented project consultants and decades of experience designing and implementing project management processes and technology. Both private and public organizations rely on our industry expertise, project controls experience and on our market-proven technology solution models.