When Do I Need To Switch Construction Management Software?

Every construction management software is different, but every construction team is different. Some systems are optimal for large teams while others are optimal for small teams. Regardless of the solution you choose, it’s important to know when to cut the cord and move on. Too many construction professionals come to us after they have spent years with a bad software solution only to realize how much better an alternative software fits with their day-to-day usage.

If you are irritated with your construction management software, it is important to assess your options. You should never stay with a software provider just because it is familiar. You should always be willing to look for the best option for all of the stakeholders on your projects. But how do you know when it is time to switch construction management software? There are three primary reasons you should look to switch your construction management software immediately.

When Your Software Has Become Too Complex To Use

Do people actually use your software? Do they know how to use it? Do they enjoy using it? These are all great questions to ask when contemplating a switch. If your software isn’t easy to use, it may not get used at all. This is a big reason that many of our clients switch construction management software, and we cannot recommend switching highly enough if this is a concern of yours.

If you’re looking for a simpler software solution that is still comprehensive, we recommend Asta Powerproject. Asta Powerproject is our favorite construction management software in part because of its ease of use when compared to its competitors. As opposed to many large-scale construction management software solutions, Asta Powerproject features easy-to-use features like a drag-and-drop Gantt chart and multiple “undo” and “redo” features.

When Your Team Struggles to Communicate Effectively

If your senior management team is constantly breathing down your neck or your workers consistently don’t know what to do next, you may be well overdue for a software change. Effective construction management software should streamline the communication process, allowing your senior management team to have full visibility into how all resources are allocated and how projects are progressing. This eliminates stress and breaks down communication barriers that vex many construction professionals we work with.

Asta Powerproject has very strong communication features, including business intelligence tools and reports that are all optimized to let your management team know what’s going on, even when they’re out of the office. Your management team can track key performance indicators and track project performance easily from their mobile device anywhere, anytime.

When You’re Paying For Licenses You Never Use

Many construction management software solutions force you into licensing agreements that end up costing you a lot of money in the long-term with very little short-term gain. For example, if you’re forced into a named licensing structure, then you need to buy a license for every user who will access the software. This means that a senior manager who may only check the software once a day costs you the same amount as a foreman who spends four hours a day in the tool.

Asta Powerproject, on the other hand, has a far more flexible licensing structure. With Asta Powerproject, you only pay for the number of licenses that you will be using at one particular time. This means that if you have a team of 20, but only five people will ever be using the software at the same time, you only have to pay for five licenses as opposed to 20 with other software solutions. To see how much you could save, use our cost calculator.

For more information on Asta Powerproject or any other construction management software solutions you may be interested in, contact us here!

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